Re: [Evolution] How can I make Evo to recognize xslx files should be opened with OpenOffice?

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 12:50 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 12:35 -0400, George Reeke wrote:
On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 12:17 -0400, Reid Thompson wrote:
Jim McKean wrote:
When I get an attachment with one of the newer MS formats (like *.xlsx),
evolution does not recognize that it can open them with OpenOffice.  It
only give me the option to save them or open with text editor.  If I
save them,  Ubuntu has no problem recognizing that OpenOffice can open
them.  But most of the time, I just want to see what's in them, not keep
them in my file system.

What do I need to do to allow me to click on them to open while in Evo?

use nautilus to associate an application with the filetype

This question keeps getting asked over and over again.  I asked it
myself a couple of years ago.  Maybe the developers can take a hint
that some better documentation would be a good idea.

Good luck with that ..

I will add that I choose not to use nautilus--if I wanted a Windows
desktop, I would run Windows--so it would really be nice to have
an alternative way to make these settings.  When a new format comes
along, I have to run nautilus to register it, then log out and in
again to get rid of nautilus.  In my view, nautilus has nothing to
do with email and it should not be necessary to run it to set up
one's email preferences.  I realize this is a philosophical argument
with the developers that I will lose, but I wanted to say it anyway.

The point is that it's not an email preference but a desktop preference.
It's assumed that you will always want to open this type of file with
that specific application, no matter where you're calling it from.

I don't necessarily agree with this (it's at the very least non-obvious
to the average user) and besides I don't even use Gnome so I'm not
normally running Nautilus anyway. It would make more sense to allow the
user to call this kind of configuration directly from the app (Evo in
this case) even if its effects were global.


I understand and agree with both of your points--I just didn't happen
to think of it as a desktop preference because I mostly work from
command lines.  So here's the next obvious question:  Why can't I
set these preferences with the gconf editor (System Tools->
Configuration Editor)??

George Reeke

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