[Evolution] Where to find mail account details in ~/.gconf/apps/evolution

Some weeks ago we found on this list that my Evo account could not be migrated from one computer (32 bit) to 
a new one (64 bit, new Evo version) using the info given in 
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateEvolutionToNewComputer, that is indeed a bug, and that I would 
therefore have to set the new account up by hand.

So today I am trying to do this. I assume that once I set up my two email account details in the new Evo 
using "Evolution Setup Assistant", that I will then be able to paste my email data kept in ~/.evolution, from 
the old computer to the new one and it should work fine, right?

So I tried to find the details of my two email accounts in ~/.gconf/apps/evolution, in my old computer. I 
need the pop account incoming and outgoing server configuration settings, the security and authentication 
settings. I looked in this ~/.gconf/apps/evolution folder where apparently such info is supposed to be kept, 
but could not find it. Can someone tell me where this info is to be located?

Thank you!


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