Re: [Evolution] MAPI Issues

On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 3:12 PM, James Trickel <james7088 gmail com> wrote:
I hope someone could help here.
Here is my setup
Ubuntu 9.04 RC
evolution-mapi v.
Exchange 2007 Server

Setup evolution with the following options:
Server: IP Address
Username: userid
Domain: Company domain

I can check and read emails, view calendar, and view contacts(albeit
it's extremely slow).
But, when sending emails to users on the exchange server, the email
address seems to be overwritten by either evolution or the exchange

[first lastname] [domain] com
[userid] <IMCE......<cut out>          [userid] [domain] com>

Yet if I send outside of my domain.
james7088 gmail com
This works...

Anyone have any ideas on what I might need to change in my
configuration or why this is happening?


So, would anyone have any idea why I can send to external email
addresses but not internal ones?
sending to user gmail com works but to employee mydomain com fails due
to someone/something overwriting the to to be the exchange userid.


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