Re: [Evolution] Checking with list before making a feature request.

Note to the developers: I find this behavior of the folder list annoying as well and wish it would go away.

I get the trap with"]".

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On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 16:42 -0400, William Case wrote:
ctl-[ moves focus from selected folder in Folder List to first unread
message in Message List.

ctl-] moves focus to first (or next) folder flagged with 1 or more
unread message(s) in the Folder List.  The inbox folder would be an
exception or counted as the last folder.

Interesting, but I think it would be better for matching keys to have
matching functions (forward/back).

In fact I dislike the (existing) notion of the Folder List having focus
at all. The only point of it is to allow folder selection using the
keyboard, but since this is something I never use (not just hardly ever
but literally *never*) I find it a waste of cognitive space. Furthermore
it occasionally traps me when I hit "." and find a ridiculous text box
waiting for me to type more characters of the folder name[1].


[1] Ridiculous for two reasons: a) I'm not sure it's even possible for a
folder name to begin with a "." on an IMAP server, and b) even it it's
possible, none of my folders start with "." so what's it waiting for?
(In fact this makes the whole text-box folder selection thing a crock
even apart from the "." issue.) I'm afraid I have strong feelings about
this rather trivial point because I've been complaining it since Evo 2.0
in 2004 (

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