Re: [Evolution] Question on Evolution 2.6 that comes with SLED (SuseLinux Enterprise Desktop) 10 SP2

On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 16:20 -0400, Bob Perez wrote:
I am told that when users create a Mail Account in Evolution of
"Microsoft Exchange" - (Webdav I guess) and when the items are
downloaded to Evolution from Exchange 2003, the customer wants the
messages deleted from the Exchange server so they are not taking up
disk space.   Can this be done or is this an Enhancement Request ?

That is not the way exchange works.  This is a real oversimplification,
but think of exchange being IMAP with a PIM component.

If you want to accomplish what you ask, make sure the exchange account
is configured for POP access, and set up Evo to use the POP protocol
when accessing the account.  Then make sure it is NOT set to leave
retrieved mail on the server.

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