[Evolution] Alarm notification not showing for Exchange

Hi All,

After doing a lot of googleing and spending a lot of time troubleshooting and before I open a bug on bugzilla I think I could find an answer on this mailing list.

I have Ubuntu 8.10. Evolution 2.24.3 with the evolution-exchange package installed.
I have configured my corporate OWA account at work and it had been working fine for a while.
A couple of weeks ago I started noticing that I was not getting notifications for my calendar events.
I have tried lots of things, playing around with the settings and all. I even removed all gconf settings and local folder to configure evolution from scratch. Nothing have fixed the problem.

When I notice that I'm not getting notifications I can go Edit -> Preferences -> Calendar and Tasks  and untick and tick the exchange calendar. Right after I tick it back on I'll get my notifications.
The evolution-alarm-notify deamon seems to be running fine also.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this might be happening? Or what should I do to narrow this down to find what's causing the problem?

I appreciate any help I can get.


Daniel Castro, M.Sc.
+353 083-318-2058
dancasmo gmail com
castromd tcd ie

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