[Evolution] message filters not working


I have finally been able to create several evolution message filter
rules based on mailing lists.

The one I created for the evolution-list gnome org works fine, but the
ones I have created for my various ubuntu and security mailing lists
don't work.  I created all the rules the same.

Basically, filter on mailing list and I double-check the mailing-list
name/address. I then tell the filter to move the message to a folder on
my local system.

For example the evolution list messages go to lists/evolution, but the
ubuntu-users messages are supposed to go to ubuntu/users but even if I
press ctrl+y to run the filters, the messages are not being moved to the

I did check under edit -> filter rules and the ubuntu rules are enabled.

Any ideas would be appreciated (hopefull before I drownd in email) :-)

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