[Evolution] Connecting to an Exchange 2007 Global Address List server, via LDAP

Hi; my company switched from Exchange 2003 to 2007 in December (just a few months too early... drat!) and I simply don't have time to do the from-source building right now.  I've been using Outlook via Crossover Linux but I've gotten so fed up with it that now I'm using it only for calendaring and using Evolution to connect to Exchange 2007 via IMAP for email.

This is OK (not great but OK) except that I haven't figured out how to connect to the Exchange GAL from Evolution, which is a major problem if I want to do anything but reply to email that someone has sent me.

I've looked on the web and tried a few things but nothing is working.  My best attempt so far caused Evo to hang and I had to run --force-shutdown.  Everything else just fails.

Does anyone have any instructions for connecting to GAL servers using Evo?  I'm only vaguely familiar with LDAP (although in a previous professional life I did a lot of work with X.500 etc. :-))

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