Re: [Evolution] message filters not working

The one I created for the evolution-list gnome org works fine, but the
ones I have created for my various ubuntu and security mailing lists
don't work.  I created all the rules the same.

Basically, filter on mailing list and I double-check the mailing-list
name/address. I then tell the filter to move the message to a folder on
my local system.

The easiest way is to right click on one of the mailing list messages,
select "Create rule from message" -> "Filter based on mailing list".  If
there is not the information in the mailing list messages to be able to
filter, then that option won't be present.

(The mailing list filtering requires certain headers to be present -
it's not just based on the list mail address - the headers all start

For example the evolution list messages go to lists/evolution, but the
ubuntu-users messages are supposed to go to ubuntu/users but even if I
press ctrl+y to run the filters, the messages are not being moved to the

Did you highlight the messages you wanted to run the filters on?


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