[Evolution] full text search unreliable


For a while now I had this nagging feeling that full text no longer
worked as well as it used to in older releases. I'm using Evolution
2.24.5, compiled from source, with maildir as storage format, and can
now definitely say that full text search fails to find any mail with the
word "sandbox" in a folder which has several mails which contain that

I did a "grep -r -w" and found 13 mails. Doing the same search via
Evolution found only one. I then stopped Evolution, removed all *.ibex.index*
and *.cmeta files plus the folders.db, restarted Evolution.
"Send/Receive" ran a while and produced shell output ("camel-WARNING **:
Could not find key entry for word '0x00000000': No such file or
directory") which seemed to come from text indexing. Once done it
doesn't find *any* email at all with the word "sandbox".

I used to like Evolution because I could find mail in my mail archive
very easily. That's no longer the case. If you wonder whether I mean
"like" or "find" with that, well, I wonder about that too.

Am I the only one or are there known open issues? Did I perhaps not
compile Evolution correctly? What can be done to investigate and fix

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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