Re: [Evolution] Evolution-list Digest, Vol 44, Issue 17

On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 09:33 +0000, Chris G wrote:
You seem to be labouring under a misaprehension. Evolution is
to work with online services. You are asking it to do something
different, to sync calendars on different machines *without* using
online calendar service. Can Outlook do that? Or any other
calendar application? What makes you think this is "normal"?

Yes, of *course* Outlook can do that!  Just about every single phone
PDA on the market at the moment offers Outlook synchronization direct
from the phone to Outlook on your desktop without any other system
being involved at all.

Not the question I asked. As you yourself point out, Evo can already
sync with Palm devices, but syncing two Evo instances is a completely
different situation. Why? To start with, they're potentially running on
different versions of different operating systems on different networks
protected by different firewalls and accessed by different userids. The
PDA<->desktop is much simpler, not to mention it's clear in this
scenario which of the two is the client and which is the server.

So to repeat: can Outlook sync *two different instances of itself
running on two different machines over the Internet, without using an
intermediate Exchange server?"


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