[Evolution] Problem viewing calendars on multiple machines


I am trying to use evolution for its calendar features. I don't need anything fancy, but I do need the ability to use the same calendar on multiple machines. I keep machines in sync using unison and I am syncing my ~/.evolution folder.

Being a newbie and not wanting to use an online service, I set my calendars up as "On this computer". However, the only one that seems to appear on my laptop and workstation is the "Personal" calendar. All of my other ones I made on my workstation don't appear on my laptop's calendar view (yet appear to be on the machine).

I'm hoping for a simple solution for this problem. I was originally imagining that I could set an evolution specific environmental variable to be the same on both machines, but some old threads on this mailing list suggest that isn't possible.

Could anyone give me or steer me towards a solution?

Many thanks for your time in this matter.



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