Re: [Evolution] moving folders from local to imap doesn't update filters

On Thu, 2009-03-05 at 21:49 +0100, Ambrogio De Lorenzo wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using Evo from Fedora 9.
I'm changing my email structure from evolution files and folders to IMAP
I created my server, and I'm moving a folder.

How did you move the folder?

I have a filter that move messages from the inbox to this folder, and
after the moving I see the message that tell me that filters are

But... the filter loose the moving directive.

Do you mean the filter doesn't change, or that changes but the change is

As I have a lot of folders and a lot of filters, there is a way to
preserve the move directive on filters?

AFAIK it should work, i.e. the filters should update automatically. If
it doesn't perhaps a Bugzilla report is in order.


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