Re: [Evolution] Slow composing mail

I'm tired of waiting while trying to compose a new e-mail in
Evolution. I just press the "New" button, and it appears to be working
behind, but it's only after at least 15 seconds that it throws the
compose screen. My version of Evolution is 2.26.1, and I'm using it
in Ubuntu 9.04 jaunty, through a ltsp thin client.

I'm not using remote X, and it takes (or feels like it takes) about 3
seconds on the very first "new" mail button click, and about 1.5 to 2
seconds thereafter. It's enough time to start questioning whether the
click was detected or not, and then feel a sense of relief when the
window pops up.
Save version of Evo and Ubuntu, on a reasonably decent machine (Intel
Q6600 quad core using as a 64-bit platform, 4 GB RAM, nvidia PCIe
graphics, SATA HDDs, etc).
I would expect it to be a little faster than 1.5 to 3 seconds, so I kind
of wonder what it's doing in that time; maybe if the local case was a
bit faster (e.g. 1 second max, half a second on average) then the remote
case would be better too? I do have some compiz eye-candy enabled
(System -> Appearance -> Visual Effects is set to "Normal"), don't know
if that's relevant or not. But I don't see any delay that's approaching
15 seconds.

-- All the best,

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