Re: [Evolution] help!

On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 12:09 -0400, Dinbandhu wrote:
Version: Evolution 2.24.3
Account type: POP3
Junk Folder: empty
"On This Computer" folder: empty (although it does of course contain
all my other folders, which themselves have mail in them)
"Inbox" folder: contains old mail (transferred from my previous
computer), but no new mail.
I do not know what it means to "run evolution from console".

Where should I look next?

run a terminal (that's what I call 'console') and there type:
  $ evolution
and press enter. And that's it. :)

Try to search your ~/.evolution/mail/pop/<account> and all the
subfolders for mails there. It's there most likely.

Maybe something broke with your folders summary, probably in

I would suggest to do a backup of whole ~/.evolution and then start to
play with files, like, while evolution is closed, delete
~/.evolution/mail/local/folders.db file and let it recreate it next run.
If it doesn't help then search for messages in pop directory, though
making them viewable within evo UI will not be easy.

Could you check, based on the time or something, what mails you are
looking for and try to find some file with the similar content (part of
content, some unique string, etc) in ~/.evolution/mail/local, to know
whether mails are there too, or anything else happened there?

It would be easier to catch someone on #evolution IRC, as solving this
by a mail is kinda inconvenient.

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