Re: [Evolution] Phishing virus 2

Things have gotten worse.  I found and deleted 2 viruses that were
called phishing by ClamTK.  They were in cache folders under pop.

Phishing is not a "virus" it is a method of tricking people into
clicking on links and giving out sensitive information. They are not
viruses in the sense that they don't "infect" your computer.  Virus
checkers detect them because they have "signatures" like any other virus
- they should just call it "maicious content"!

If you are using Linux, then it is highly unlikely you will have a virus
on your machine.

I have had more viruses come, and I can not find them.  ClamTK only
looks at files in a folder, not all sub-folders.  It is hard to search
many folders.  Is it possible to get ClamTK to search the whole folder
and sub-folders?

I don't know ClamTK (which I presume is a TK front end to ClamAV) - but
you can probably do recursive scans from the command line using clam.

I am now unable to use Evolution.  I am sending from my email on the
internet.  The send/receive button has turned gray and does nothing.
How can I get it back to usable?

Look in the bottom left corner of the Evolution window, there's a
connection icon there.  If it is "disconnected" (i.e. two halves are
apart), click on it to reconnect it and things should work.
Alternatively you can do File->Work offline


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