[Evolution] Phishing virus 2

First, thanks for the responses to my first request.  Unfortunately, I am not enough of an expert to understand all of what was said.

Things have gotten worse.  I found and deleted 2 viruses that were called phishing by ClamTK.  They were in cache folders under pop.

I have had more viruses come, and I can not find them.  ClamTK only looks at files in a folder, not all sub-folders.  It is hard to search many folders.  Is it possible to get ClamTK to search the whole folder and sub-folders?

I am now unable to use Evolution.  I am sending from my email on the internet.  The send/receive button has turned gray and does nothing.  How can I get it back to usable?

I would like to run ClamTK on all oncoming mail, but I am not able to understand the instructions about putting some files that get executed.  I know there is a command line, but I have not done anything with it.


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