Re: [Evolution] addressbook.db : is EDS 2.24.3 compatible with EDS 2.24.2 ?

2009/1/19 Jean-Claude Tergal <jctergal gmail com>:

When upgrading from Evo/EDS to another, I used to save my
addressbook.db file, and then to restore it manually in my
addressbook/local/system directory. It has always worked well (since
Evo 2.0, perhaps even before, because I'm using Evo almost since the
very beginning), until now.

Now, it seems that the addressbook.db (that worked fine with Evo is crashing EDS. Everytime I want to display my addressbook,
Evo says that its address book has unexpectedly quit, and that the
contacts will be available again after a restart. But even after that,
Evo address book displays nothing, and sometimes the memo and calendar
are crashing too with it...

BTW, if a developper needs to examine the addressbook.db file that
crashed Evo Addressbook, I can of course send it by mail. This is a
640 KB file, that used to work with all versions of Evo since Evo2.0
(and before, in fact), with around 400 contacts. I use it for my daily

(Strasbourg, France)

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