Re: [Evolution] PST import plugin for Evolution added

On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 08:56 +0530, Bharath Acharya wrote:
Bharath -- the libpst patch you list: has it been proposed (&
upstream already? If not, could you tell us when it is? I would
have libpst packaged as pure as possible from upstream... 
^^^ That's the commit for generating a shared library. The other patch
I'll make changes to the Evo code sometime soon to fix it up locally
than upstream in libpst. For now its a patch on top of libpst.

I'll build the new packages released and let you know the results.

I have gone ahead and built Ubuntu packages for libpst-0.6.25. Of
course, I am not sure the plugin works with them (I cannot test, since I
have no .pst files to play with).

But I *did* build Evo trunk with it, and the plugin was compiled in.
Now, if I select File/Import, I do not see any option for an Outlook PST
file; If I select Edit/Plugins, the plugin is shown enabled. I do not
know if this is is the correct behaviour or not.

Some observations on the Ubuntu package(s):

0. Bharath's additional patch is also built in
(via ./debian/patches/10-current-attach.patch). I had to rebase it to

1. I had to radically change the debianisation provided by upstream. I
am not sure what upstream intended, but their debianisation simply does
not work, and they do not provide clean sources (i.e., without
debianisation). So the current source package is, huh, sort of tainted
with my changes to the ./debian directory contents. But the original
upstream source is still provided.

2. I split the binary packages in readpst (the command-line utilities),
libpst (the shared library), and libpst-dev (the development files). All
binaries have debugging symbols enabled by default. the libpst package
is needed for Evolution run-time; the libpst-dev for building Evolution
(actually, the plugin), and it is not needed for run-time; the readpst
packages provide the same as older libpst releases (just the
command-line utilities).

Later on I will split the debugging symbols to standard Debian -dbg

3. They are available on my personal package space on Ubuntu
( The source and binaries
packages can be downloaded from there, for i386, AMD64, and lpia.

4. If someone actually uses them, I would like to have feedback. There
are certainly still some cleanup to be done for the packages.

5. No, I did not build Evo trunk in my PPA, and I do not intend to.



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