Re: [Evolution] PST import plugin for Evolution added

On Fri, 2009-01-16 at 09:12 +0800, Duan Joshua (CI/AFR-SG) wrote:
Good job!

The last time when i tried libpst 0.5.3, i encountered problem that it
reads only pst file created by Outlook before version 2003. What are the
versions supported by this Importer?

Yes, libpst 0.5.3 just worked with the older formats. We have introduced
support for the new version (2003 and 2007) since 0.6.1 

So yes the Evolution importer would work well with the new formats of
version 2003,2007.

The new pst versions are encoded in unicode format.


Thanks and Cheers

Bharath Acharya wrote:

I have committed a PST Importer for Evolution.

pst file:

The commit revision of Evolution:

It will require libpst version 0.6.17 as of today. Still need to make
appropriate changes to the sources to get it working with the latest
version. I have composed a small wiki for now.

The tracker bug for this is

Do let us know your experiences and suggestions. TIA


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