[Evolution] Increasing number of maildir bugs in Evolution

There has been an increasing number of problems with the Maildir support
in Evolution during late 2008 and early 2009. With the latest release in
Fedora 10, it's almost unusable. 

To summarize the three most annoying bugs with maildir (yes, these and
others have been filed in bugzilla):

When you move mail into a maildir folder from an mbox folder, it
frequently vanishes because the maildir index isn't updated. 

If you receive new mail in a maildir folder while Evolution is running,
you can't see it even though the folder shows the right count of new
emails for the folder. The mail files are actually present in the
physical maildir directory, so presumably this is another problem with
the maildir index becoming corrupt.

Assuming you manage to get some mail into a maildir folder and actually
see it, if you decided to delete it, it is only hidden from view.
File->empty trash doesn't expunge the file from the disk. This leads to
wasted disk space over time. The only way actually delete deleted email
that I've found is to go through the maildir folders one at a time and
select folder->expunge on each one. But with hundreds of folders, this
takes a lot of time.

It seems like no one is maintaining maildir support any more. Should
maildir users be looking for alternate email program?


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