Re: [Evolution] Evolution display / usability issues

I'm sorry if this message comes in the wrong place in the thread - only
just subscribed so wasn't able to reply in what I guess is the normal

In response to my comment:

On this latter one I note that Thunderbird 3 now proposes to include a
conversation view!  Wonder how long it'll be before Evolution catches up

Milan wrote:

you can achieve similar thing with Search Folders, just include your
sent folder with other folders and enjoy. It's there for years, I guess.
The only thing is to use the "match-all" rule.

I would also advice you to include only some exact folders, because
adding to such view all the folders takes unbelievable time to finish,
even on actual trunk. (For me it is more than 100.000 messages in all my
imap folders.)

In fact I have this already because all my messages bcc back to the
source account - that way I have the full conversation from any imap
client.  By "conversation view" I meant sorted in the normal manner for
business use (top posting) and separated by conversation (subject) -
i.e. threaded in the same order.  Evolution currently threads in the
wrong direction for this type of use.  It's all explained here:


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