Re: [Evolution] seeking dual boot evolution config "example"

I will let others with a greater understanding of the differences between the windows an linux data structure 
provide a simpler answer if there is one.

If not, you could try running a local imap server which fetches your mail, and then point the various mail 
clients that you want to use at the local imap.

Of course, if your mail provider offers imap or exchange, you needn't need to do anything special as the mail 
folders stay on the host and can be accessed from either partition.

Art Alexion
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I would like to use Evolution from both Ubuntu Hardy and from Win-XP in
a dual boot
situation. Has anyone done this config and know how to make things work
so that
there is one, shared copy of email and folders and setting etc?

If I can't have exactly one copy of files that is shared, has someone
worked out
how to rsync or similar a minimal set of items so that it feels as if
there is one copy?

~~~ 0;-D
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