Re: [Evolution] Evo 2.24.3 bug list, by personal priority.

... in other words, the RFC itself says that if the separator exists you
should honour it, and it's saying that it's a convention for usenet and
Internet mail, but at no point does it say that it applies to all
private internal communications and that you must use it for all
signatures in private internal communications. Forcibly inserting DASH
DASH SPACE into private internal emails is not something that the RFC
attempts to enforce (as far as I can tell), yet that is the very
behaviour that Evolution is forcing, which is not something which is
covered by the RFC in question.

Disclosure: I am assuming here that "Internet mail" refers mostly to
"public mailing lists", because that is the only context for mail on the
Internet in which I have observed "-- " as "commonly appearing".

I don't think I agree that "Internet mail" is just mailing lists - most,
if not all, the mail I send and receive is "Internet mail" - not
everyone works in a corporate environment you know! There's things like
personal mail, academic communities, developer/FOSS communities and so

BTW - much as I hate to point out a way around inserting the delimiter,
you can do it using a script signature.  Just remember that the script
needs to output HTML even if you use plain text email - and please,
start the script with "--&nbsp<br>".


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