Re: [Evolution] pkcs11 support

Op woensdag 11-02-2009 om 12:38 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Mikel
Does Evolution support signing mails with pkcs11 smart cards ?

It does, but it has no gui to register the module.

Use 'modutil' from the NSS security tools package
( libnss3-tools
for debian baseds) to add the module to evolutions secmod.db

$ modutil -add "somename" -libfile <path to module lib> -dbdir <path to
settings dir>

example for Belgian eID's on Ubuntu:
$ modutil -add "BE eID" -libfile /usr/lib/ -dbdir

You should then be able to select your certificate as signature
certificate for SMIME in the security tab of your account settings
(assuming that you have everything else for your card installed).

Hope it helps,


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