[Evolution] Sending attachments through Yahoo

Hello there.

My father gave me an interesting problem to try and sort out for him,
which is this.

He receives attachments from his friends which are sometimes from 3-6MB in
size (Videos, slideshows, etc). When he tries to forward them through his
Yahoo account, they won't send.

After a bit of digging about, I discovered that Evolution re-encodes
attachments so they can be sent via SMTP. This increases the file size of
the attachment, which may be > 10MB, which is the limit for files on Yahoo

What I want to know is, can this be worked around, somehow? I am assuming
that the people who sent Dad the emails originally did it via Outlook
Express, which may do things slightly differently, but I'm not sure about

Please feel free to ask any questions if I haven't explained myself clearly.\


Joseph Karl.

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