[Evolution] Mysterious addressbook corruption

Maybe someone can shed some light on this one:

I added a contact, but instead of [Ok] actioning the addition and
closing the contact editor, it kept popping back up. This went through
5-6 cycles, and suddenly I got an "Address book component crashed".

Ok, so, fine. Restart Evolution. No biggie.

But then I'd get the crashed message every run, and that address book
was empty [despite there being 700K of data in the .db file on disk]

As I had just (a day or so ago) migrated [back] from another machine, I
was able to try and rsync the addressbook stuff in .evolution and .gconf
back. But that had no effect; the "crash" kept happening, and I couldn't
get to my contact list.

Finally it occurred to me to create a vcard with
`evolution-addressbook-export` and then scp'd that from the previous
machine to this one, and, having created a new addressbook folder, used
import to get that rather monsterous vcard file in.

Meanwhile I manually nuked the folder that contained the old data from
within .evolution/addressbook/local, and it stopped crashing.

So, "recovered", except that now that original folder is still there and
I'm not seeming to be allowed to delete it.

Any suggestions? I'd file a bug, but really, this is either an "I did
something stupid" or a "whoa we need to talk about this first". I
_might_ be able to recreate the scenario if someone needs me to.

Evolution 2.24.2


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