[Evolution] Sending pgp signed msg with attachment locks up Evo

Mandriva 2010, Gnome 2.28, Evolution 2.28.1. When attempting to send a
pgp signed message with an attachment whether I've previously entered my
passphrase or not Evo will lockup and the only way out is to kill it.
There are no issues with sending a msg with attachments if I don't sign
it nor if I send one without attachments and do sign it. This just
started last night and one thing I did notice in my syslog is this:

evolution[14800]: segfault at 7c ip b56a007b sp bff5ee50 error 4 in

Also the following pkgs were updated yesterday morning. I have no idea
if any of these could be a contributing factor.

libgcc1-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
libstdc++6-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
libstdc++-devel-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed  
libgcj10-base-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed  
libgcj10-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
libgcj_bc1-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
libgcj-devel-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
gcj-tools-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
gcc-cpp-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
gcc-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
gcc-c++-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
gcc-java-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 
libgcj10-src-4.4.1-4.1mnb2 installed 

Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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