[Evolution] Font issue in calendar

I'm having an issue with font displaying in one section of Evolution.  I
think it's relate to cairo, since gramps uses cairo also, and it has a
similar problem.  Certain text shows as black boxes.  See:
http://www.borntreger.com/dayview.png - note that this - and the
similarly laid out "Work Week" view - are the only views in Evolution
with the problem.

I see no errors anywhere.  Is there a way to tell what font is being
used so I can check to see if it's corrupted or something? I've changed
all the font settings in Evolution, and gnome-appearance-properties, but
all I can do is change the font in the emails, or on the menu and status
bar.  Nothing appears to affect this particular area.... so I can't tell
what font it's trying to use.

Lonnie Borntreger

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