Re: [Evolution] Does Evolution really need to be so terribly bad?

Patrick -

Thanks for pointing this out. I should have added some disclaimers, to make my position more clear. I wrote mail clients on Unix, Windows, Mac OS, and Atari os over 15 years ago. I understand what Evolution is doing and why.

But I just wanted to reiterate that I don't think it should be implemented in this way in offline mode. It is counter intuitive. In effect, it would probably be better to hide these messages in the  trash folder, to avoid confusion.

Again, its not about a lack of technical understanding, but just a different view point. Viel free to check other email clients on linux, windows, or mac to compare the behaviour.

All of that said, I do like to point out that your many contribution are welcome by myself and I am sure most of the Evolution community!


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On Tue, 2008-09-02 at 20:11 -0700, Axel wrote:
> Moving a message and then putting it into the Trash Folder and the
> target folder. It should not show in the trash folder, it confuses me
> and many people. It also makes the trash not readable. I am getting a
> 100-200 emails a day and keep 50%, but move them into different
> folders ... But if I have to look up a deleted email, its really
> difficult to find in the trash.

As has been explained many times (see the archives and the FAQ) this is
simply a consequence of how messages are moved. IMAP servers do not
support a primitive "move" operation, so clients have to copy the
message and then delete the original. That's why you get a version in
Trash, but of course Trash is just a virtual folder i.e. the original is
in fact still where it was before the "move". You can see it by
unchecking View->Hide Deleted Messages, which might make it easier to
find than looking in the Trash folder, but it can still be a pain.

If I had a million dollars to spare, I'd offer it to the first person to
implement an "undo" command for moves and deletes.


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