Re: [Evolution] IMAP and Expunge

On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 11:16 -0700, Al Niessner wrote:
I understand the desire for the Expunge. However, it is making life hard
for me with IMAP. I have several filters that move mail around, which
with IMAP simply marks them for deletion. In Evolution everything looks
great, but I am not always using Evolution. When I use the web
interface, all those moved emails are still in the Inbox. Not so
satisfactory. I went back to my filter rules and looked for the action
"Expunge" folder "Inbox" so that the IMAP side would do the right thing.
However, no such action exists.

I do not want to "Empty Trash" on exit because I like searching my 300
GB of trash once in a while for the scrap of information that I almost

Hence, I am here asking for a work-around or solution to the problem.
First, is there an existing way that I can get the filter to execute an
expunge on a particular folder at the end of a rule?

I don't think so, given that filter actions are applied to messages and
Expunge is applied to folders. You could of course call a Shell script
to do it but that's left as an exercise for the student :-)


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