[Evolution] How to sync Evolution local mbox mail from desktop to laptop?

Hi all,

Quick question: How do I sync my local MBOX mail between a desktop
machine and a laptop? At least to start with, I only want my local mail
synced in one direction (desktop -> laptop), so that I have access to my
old mail archives whilst travelling, even if I don't have Internet

Currently, I am using a script which I got from the archives of this
mailing list, namely:
if [ ! $1 ]
    echo "usage: $(basename $0) <destination host>"
    exit 0


ssh $TO_HOST DISPLAY=:0 evolution --force-shutdown
evolution --force-shutdown
gconftool-2 --dump /apps/evolution > $GCONF_DUMP

rsync -av --delete ~/.evolution $TO_HOST:
ssh $TO_HOST DISPLAY=:0 gconftool-2 --load=$GCONF_DUMP

The above script does everything apart from the local mail (does tasks,
calendar, memos, IMAP accounts, etc). However, for local MBOX mail, it
looks like it has worked (e.g. shows a folder as having unread mail),
but when you click on it, the hard disk light goes for a bit, and then
it decides that the mail folder is actually empty (i.e. you cannot
access any of the individual mail items through evolution).

I'm running evolution Has anybody got something that might
solve this problem? Preferably besides moving everything to IMAP ;-)

-- All the best,

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