[Evolution] evolution doesn't remember open windows and placement on shutdown

Given that I have to have multiple evolution windows open to monitor all
of my INBOXes due to the very broken vFolders in 2.24.0 and the multiple
times a day I have to "evolution --force-shutdown" due to bug 555262
(which I would call yet another basic-functionality-broken-in-2.24.0
bug), it's really getting annoying that evolution does not remember the
windows I have open (i.e. and on which folders they are open on) and
restore them.

To be totally honest, I'm really starting to get quite angry that the
evolution team have labelled this POS 2.24.0 release as a final release
and not some pre-release beta, or alpha because quite frankly that's the
quality of it.

If this release were labelled alpha or beta or pre-release or something
else, I could have been more cautious about upgrading to it, but I
trusted that it was final release quality given that it was a final
release version.

I need to seriously consider resurrecting the 2.22 release I was using
prior to this "upgrade" (to mis-use a term) because this is just getting
silly now.


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