[Evolution] Will Evolution Composer ever improve HTML...

I'm a long time user of Evolution, and now find that I need to co-exist
better with users of Outlook and Exchange in my company.

To do this, I really am finding a couple of needs:
1) Better mapi support for Exchange
2) Improved HTML Composing

I see that great progress is being made on the first of these, but there
seems to be none on the second. Composing HTML formatted messages where
you can select and control HTML fonts is a long missing feature.
Changing the basics like size, strike-through, etc. of a default font
simply isn't enough.

I'm sure this has been asked about at least a bazillion times, but I get
comment after comment about this from other users at work - none of
which are very nice.

Is anyone working on a plugin that could enable Composer to do this?

Is this just another "philosophical issue" with the Evolution team (if
so, I'll don the ol' Asbestos suit and consider switching to an
alternate mail / calendaring client)?

It seems to me that, if users are going to be allowed to compose HTML
messages, they should be able to use an HTML composer that is on par
with what is available elsewhere.



"If you are calm while all around you is chaos,
then you probably haven't fully understood
the magnitude of the situation."


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