Re: [Evolution] delete mail on POP server when deleted in Evolution

On Tue, 2008-11-04 at 16:36 -0700, Zachary Taylor wrote:
I'm trying Evolution again after using Thunderbird for a while.  Although I see a lot of nice features I 
still have a big complaint that in my opinion is a fundamental feature of an email client.  In fact, it has 
existed in other mail clients for a long time already.  The feature that is missing is the ability to 
delete emails on the server (pop, imap, etc) when they are deleted within evolution.  Maybe I'm the only 
one using this feature (even though I doubt it), but I really miss it when I use Evolution and that is the 
main reason I end up leaving after trying it for a while.  It's annoying to have to login to my email using 
a web browser just to delete messages that I have already deleted in Evolution.  Why use a mail client if I 
have to maintain my server AND a mail client?  It makes no sense.  The last time I brought this up a few 
people tried to tell me it has this feature, but it does not that I can see.  I see that you can delete 
message on the server after X number
 f days, but that is NOT the same.  What I am talking about allows selective deletion of messages from 
within Evolution that also removes them from the POP/IMAP, etc server.

The default configuration for POP servers is to delete the mail from the
server when you download it, so the question doesn't arise in these

For people who want to leave messages on the POP server (so they can see
them from more than one place), I always tell them to configure all but
one of their clients that way, and configure the remaining client the
default way. Thus they have a copy of every message on one of their

IMAP of course has nothing to do with this. The model is completely

I can see the value in being able to selectively delete mail from POP
servers, but IMHO the solution is to use IMAP where possible, or follow
the above advice where not.


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