Re: [Evolution] Calendar: two questions

Thank you for your help with the first day of the week.  I overlooked that
while going through the settings.

Milan Crha wrote:


On Sun, 2008-05-25 at 13:40 -0700, timzak wrote:
Hi, a couple of questions on the calendar:
1) Is it possible to make the calendar display with Sunday as the first
of the week instead of Monday?

Edit->Preferences->Calendar and Tasks->Week starts on.

2) Is it possible to remove the icons from Calendar events (alarm,
etc) because they take room away from the text description, sometimes
forcing me to hover my mouse over the event to read it.  For me, the
description is more important than knowing that there is an alarm
with the event, or knowing it's a repeating event.

Nope, at the moment. If you wish, look at in
bugs for Evolution and if you do not find any already filled enhancement
bug, then feel free to file one yourself.



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