[Evolution] Pop-Under passphrase

After recent Ubuntu/Evolution updates, some things have happened to the
gpg passphrase entry dialog:
     1. The time the passphrase remains in memory seems to have
        dramatically increased, 
     2. While in memory, there is a dialog that requests confirmation to
        use the passphrase in memory, and 
     3. The new dialog pops under, rather than over, the mail being

My concerns are
     1. There doesn't seem to be a way to control the length of time the
        passpahrase remains in memory (though I could be missing
        something obvious)
     2. The new dialog seems mostly useless.  Anyone can say OK.  The
        only options are to use the cached passphrase or enter it again.
        There is no send unsigned choice.
     3. The pop under nature is mostly an annoyance and not a real
        problem.  I can actually see it as a security feature.  That is,
        someone who wants to send signed mail from my desk may not see
        it popped under and think the client is frozen.  I jest, of
Is this an Ubuntu thing, or an upstream thing? Any way to control this

Art Alexion
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