Re: [Evolution] Is it possible to define some keyboard shortcut for "Mark as Unread"


On Wed, 2008-07-09 at 09:06 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
The menu commands are all annotated with their equivalent keyboard
accelerators, where applicable. I just looked at Message->Mark As-> ...

See also Help->Quick Reference for a printable subset of shortcuts. The
online help presumably documents these things, but I don't know of a
complete list of shortcuts anywhere.

OT: in general the Evo documentation used to be atrocious and is now
merely poor, e.g. there's no easy way to search the Evo docs without
also searching the whole Gnome system, so though it's not bad as an
introductory guide it's pretty useless as a reference.

And ... is it possible to customize them?

Knowing this, is there any way to create a short-cut that is a "move" of
a message to a specific folder, as opposed to simply a generic
invocation of the "move" dialog?

I've done the former in ui/evolution-mail-message.xml 

      <toolitem name="MessageMove" verb=""

and I find myself moving perhaps a third of a particular list's
messages, into one particular (team-shared) mailbox, and instead of
doing so in three clicks (bring up the move dialog, select where, and
click move) I want to be able to do so in one click.



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