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M Wedin wrote:
On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 13:44 -0700, Robin Laing wrote:
M Wedin wrote:
Expunge is a word that means "Really, really delete", am I right?

Well, I'm not succeeding. There are too many files in my Trash, thus I
run out of diskspace. I want to free up some space, not fill the disk,
that's why I run the expunge in the first place.

But I suppose evo is copying to a temp dir before throwing it away?

And no more luck with the Junk folder:

"Error storing `~/.evolution/mail/local/Sent (mbox)': Summary and folder
mismatch, even after a sync"


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I am assuming that you are talking about the "Trash" folder in Evolution.

I have to expunge twice to get my "deleted" to empty as well.

Wait for the first one to finish and then do it again. Sometimes Evolution will expunge the first time, then the next time it will take two attempts.

FWIW, I just had to expunge 3 times to empty my "Deleted Items" folder.

Evo 2.8.3-2.fc6

Robin Laing

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I have tried expunging several times, it just will not work. Space on
the device runs out and then, nothing is the result. No matter the
amount of times tried.

If your mailstore (either local or remote) keeps folders in mbox format, expunging means copying the non-deleted messages to a temporary file, removing the original, and then moving the temp file to the original name. If the filesystem where the temp file is created is nearly full, this can cause an out-of-space condition during the copy phase. Ironically, the desire to free space by expunging huge folders is the situation most likely to cause problems.

Make sure the relevant filesystem has enough free space (as a general rule, at least as much as the size of the largest mbox).

Mailstores that use one-file-per-message (e.g. Cyrus, MH or maildir) don't suffer from this problem.


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