Re: [Evolution] Evolution 2.8.0 on Centos5 64-bit crashing in Calendar

I hope you stopped Evolution before playing with gconf, but it's quiet
obvious, so just to be sure.
(I meant, first run 'evolution --force-shutdown' and then play with

You can clear the calendar key under /apps/evolution, it will be
recreated. The only thing is that you will lose your setup there. You
can also backup that key and subkeys and restore it in case something
goes wrong.

I downloaded evolution-data-server-1.8.0-25.el5.src.rpm and it doesn't
have there any ïgdk_color_parse in ïpixbuf_cell_data_funcï at
e-source-selector.c:423, somehow. Do not you compile your own
newest/latest version of evolution-data-server? Because there is such
function. Here's [1] the revision, where the code has been changed

I'm sorry, but I have no other idea, unfortunately. The code looks clean
for me. There are also many of 64bit installations of evolution, and I
guess there should be couple of complains in the case the code is wrong.
I mean, if that's wrong in general, then it should be a known (or
already fixed) problem.

The only problem I can see here is that the source has been freed
meanwhile the color of the source has been used, but it's very very
unlikely. Even more, it's not possible in this part of code, I think.

I'm sorry I had no help for you.



On Wed, 2008-01-02 at 08:36 -0500, Eric Raskin wrote:
Thanks for the idea, but it did not help.  I used gconf-editor to delete the
"sources" key under /apps/evolution/calendar and then re-started evolution.
I got the same error when attempting to open the calendar.

Any other ideas to try?  What if I deleted the entire Calendar key from
/apps/evolution?  Would that get re-created?

My version of evolution-data-server is 1.8.0-25.el5 (the CentOS 5 version).
I believe that this is way out of date, but that's all that is in the CentOS


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