[Evolution] Contacts got lost when changing username!

Resending, maybe the first message in December was unnoticed. I need
help, please!

Dear Evolution-list,

I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 5) on
an Athlon 64 computer, with Evolution 2.02 installed. After a change of
my login user name, all the Contacts data was lost. (Fortunately not
the mails). I'm trying to find out what happened, but have no solution

The address book is still found at .evolution/addressbook/local/system/
with the files addressbook.db  and addressbook.db.summary. However they
are not found when running evolution. Trying to create new address books
also fails, just the names are there, nothing can be added to them. They
can't even be removed. It seems that my previous login username is hard-
coded somewhere making the Contacts parts to fail. Maybe it is due to
some .gconf* settings or in .gnome* Please help me with this issue.

Best regards,
Svante Signell

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