Re: [Evolution] layout question

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 21:15 -0500, Alfred wrote:

Your problem seems Real Complicated at first glance: however there is
perhaps something that you have missed. To view things in order, like
ascending or descending look at the top of the Pane area where the
"From" header is, the "Subject" header, and the "Date" header. Click
(-the area that lists the E-mails and shows the  from, subject and the
date.). Now click on one of these header "BUTTONS". You will see that
the list below it is re-arranged, and you will also see a little arrow
pointing either up or down on the inside of the header "Button" that you
clicked on. Now the list is ordered according to which label you picked.
To see it in the opposite order Click that header again. Now the order
is opposite, and the little Arrow is pointing the other way. Click it
again and the little arrow goes away. So if you want to sort all the
emails by subject, click on the Subject header, until they are ordered
the way you would like to see them. If you want to sort by Date, then
Click on the Date Header, until you see the Emails listed in the order
that you wanted, and so on. Isn't this easier than trying to change some
config file, that winds up messing things up in the end, because this
was always a part of EVO. Emails in Folders, will list like this too,
and you can sort them in this way very quickly. These properties are
good for the rest of linux too. Even Windblows works this way. Lots of
Web Sites too work this way. Give it a little try, you will see just how
easy this type of sorting can be.

Thank You for help! I'm found solution for my problem - define custom
view in view->current view->define views and apply this view to all

Vasiliy G Tolstov

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