[Evolution] Latest SVN version: massive problems with Exchange calendar

I did an updated to the latest SVN code last night about 7pm, for all
Evo components plus glib, libbonobo, and libsoup.

Ever since then, my Exchange access has been really broken.  Email was
working OK, until I tried to switch to my calendar view.  Immediately my
task and calendar backends died.  Then email was broken; I couldn't open
my Exchange mailbox (the folder list in the left menu is collapsed and I
can't open it).  Then I removed ~/.evolution/mail/exchange
~/.evolution/exchange and I eventually got that working again, although
I had to re-enter my Exchange password.

Then I tried to select calendars and my Exchange calendar was not
checked.  I checked it, and immediately things started dying again, and
then Evo hung completely and I had to kill it.  Then every time I
started Evo it tried to start in calendar mode and things started dying
and it again hung, before I could switch to another application.

I'm running the old Evo from my Ubuntu 7.10 system to send this mail.

The last SVN update I know worked was 21 Feb around noon or so (all
times EST).

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