[Evolution] Testing New MAPI Plugin with Exchange 2007

I posted this sometime ago. Is no one else interested in testing the new
mapi plugin? Or getting it working?

Rick B.

I'm using the new mapi plugin to try to access an Exchange 2007 server.
I have the correct user id (not my e-mail name), password, and domain.
I've done the necessary exports to get the plugin to load and I've set
up the new account. Here is what I see when I try to authenticate:

get 1upmc-acct\bilora mapi://mydomain%5cmyuserid myserver net/
Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9
get 1upmc-acct\bilora mapi://mydomain%5cmyuser myserver net/
Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9
(evolution:8545): e-data-server-DEBUG: Loading categories from
(evolution:8545): e-data-server-DEBUG: Loaded 29 categories

Any ideas on how to get this working? I was able to get IMAP working but
I would also like to be able to use MAPI.

I could have sworn that at some point in the mapi account set up, there
was a box to type in the domain name. Now I don't see it and I'm using
"mydomain\userid" for userid.

Rick B.

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