[Evolution] Testing New MAPI Plugin with Exchange 2007

I'm using the new mapi plugin to try to access an Exchange 2007 server.
I have the correct user id (not my e-mail name), password, and domain.
I've done the necessary exports to get the plugin to load and I've set
up the new account. Here is what I see when I try to authenticate:

get 1upmc-acct\bilora mapi://mydomain%5cmyuserid myserver net/
Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9
get 1upmc-acct\bilora mapi://mydomain%5cmyuser myserver net/
Find Items 9
Couldn't Get password 9
(evolution:8545): e-data-server-DEBUG: Loading categories from
(evolution:8545): e-data-server-DEBUG: Loaded 29 categories

Any ideas on how to get this working? I was able to get IMAP working but
I would also like to be able to use MAPI.

I could have sworn that at some point in the mapi account set up, there
was a box to type in the domain name. Now I don't see it and I'm using
"mydomain\userid" for userid.

Rick B.

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