Re: [Evolution] SyncEvolution does not pull data from server

Hello Alco,

I just went through a backlog of emails and only today saw your email -
sorry for that!

On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 20:21 +0100, Alco wrote:
I have just tried SyncEvolution 0.7 to sync calender entries between
ScheduleWorld and Evolution 2.12.2 on Ubuntu 7.10. I can successfully
synchronize my ScheduleWorld calendar with new and updated items from
Evolution but not the other way around. When SyncEvolution runs it
reports nothing ever changed on the server. 

When you say "nothing ever changed on the server", which message do you
refer to?

During a run with no transmitted changes in either direction, the
summary will be:

        Changes applied during synchronization:
        +-------------------|-------ON CLIENT-------|-------ON SERVER-------|
        |                   |   successful / total  |   successful / total  |
        |            Source |  NEW  |  MOD  |  DEL  |  NEW  |  MOD  |  DEL  |
        |           vcard30 |  0/0  |  0/0  |  0/0  |  0/0  |  0/0  |  0/0  |

Changes "ON CLIENT" is where changes applied locally on the client are
listed. When you modify an event in the ScheduleWorld web interface and
then synchronize, then there should be non-zero values in that part of
the table.

Could this be a compatibility issue? Are there any configuration items
that affect synchronizing server-to-client but not client-to-server?

The default is to run in "two way" synchronization mode, which transfers
events in both direction. One can choose one-way incremental
synchronization in a direction which matches what you described with
"sync = one-way-from-client" but if you had set that, you'd probably
know. The INFO messages from SyncEvolution will tell you the mode, so
you can check.

If the problem still exists, then it is more likely to be resolved when
you contact the ScheduleWorld developer, either via email (include the
relevant information about your account and ideally a client.log) or via
the forum, because it is the server which decides whether it has

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick Ohly gmx de

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