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Thanks for this reply.  My company has great interest in EVO's success
and other open source software as well as SLED.  We'll continue to
pursue the use of Linux/EVO and hopefully offer constructive feedback on
this and other forums.

For the time being, Microsoft is the standard by which all others will
be judged (by end-users not necessarily IT folks).  At this stage, I
believe adoption is the key strategy and to achieve wider adoption, EVO
has to work well with Exchange (MAPI).  I applaud your efforts.  Keep up
the good work.

Rob Cambra

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Hi Peter,
On Sun, 2008-01-20 at 18:16 -0600, Peter Van Lone wrote:
On Jan 17, 2008 2:07 PM, Rob Cambra <rcambra amesbury com> wrote:
People sitting at desks in real companies want and demand
collaboration tools such as Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWize, etc.  Evo
better be the client side equivalent for open source and be rock solid
in those environments or it goes nowhere.  What's the point if it's just
for home users and enthusiasts?

exactly right.

EVO appears to be fine for individual users ... but in a
corp/groupware environment, it's (poor) support of Exchange makes it a
non-starter. I know that many posters to this list express the
sentiment that they "resent the time EVO developers have to spend on
Exchange support". Well, I guess it comes down to whether or not you
want linux in general and EVO in particular to have a shot a real
marketshare leadership ...

Exchange is something that we have much focus now. Specially the MAPI
branch that we are working on should solve most of the issues and also
support for Exchange 2007. But still it is premature to rely on. But
really that is our answer as our long term solution.

I understand that the current provider wasn't best written/maintained,
but a lot of that has to do with the reverse engineered approach and
unknown open protocol. 

Lets hope for the mapi provider to remove all of these issues. And also
it should be much faster than the current one.


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