Re: [Evolution] Proposal for new feature

On Fri, 2008-02-01 at 14:41 -0700, Chris Worley wrote:
I am personally disgusted by the top-post style of Outlook users.  It
makes sure they only answer one question, and which question they
answered (or what point you made that they responded to) is ambiguous.
 I cannot see promoting that barrier to communication.

ïYou're missing the point. If let's say you are five people in a email
discussion at your workplace and everyone but you use Outlook, you can't
really switch the style of the email each time you reply. No matter what
you think is right, if that's the standard, you need to follow it. 

Right now I have my Evo at my work computer set to Outlook style and
since it's such a nuisance to change it, I hardly ever do. So if this
feature existed you would actually get rid of Outlook style replies, not
get more of them. Today, because I'm lazy, I often reply to non-Outlook
users with Outlook style replies because it's the easiest way.



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