Re: [Evolution] Applying filters automatically.

On Feb 1, 2008 1:58 PM, Paul Smith <psmith gnu org> wrote:
This issue comes up every week or two on the list, it seems.  It's
obvious that Evolution is not behaving as people expect, regardless of
the technical details behind it.  In situations like that we MUST either
(a) fix the behavior to work as expected as much as possible, OR (b)
document the situation so people can understand what's going on!

I would vote for A.  Just doing B would mean that I can quickly find out that I don't want to use Evolution, which is an improvement over the current situation, but I need A for Evolution to be useful to me.

Thunderbird does the expected thing and without a performance impact.  I strongly suspect that it just uses different logic than relying on the server to tell it if the mail is "new".  If you're downloading a message for the first time and it is unread, then apply the filters.  Or something very similar to that.

If the server "new" flag can be turned off by a e-mail notifier program, then it is just not the flag you want to use for this purpose.  Sure, it would be nice and convenient if there was a simple flag like that to check, but there isn't.  So do what all the other programs do.


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