[Evolution] Applying filters automatically.

OK, maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I think I'm following the directions correctly and what I want still isn't happening.  Maybe someone here can point out the issue.  I'm using Evolution 2.12.1 for Ubuntu 64.

I get a bunch of mail that I want to process automatically.  For example, I get e-mails informing of every checkin to our SVN repository, updates on our continuous integration process, and so on. All of these I want to go to appropriate folders with zero action from me.  I don't even want to be told that I have mail when I get these things.  I do this routinely with other e-mail programs.

So, I set up filters to match on the appropriate conditions and send them to the appropriate folders.  I test the filters using ^Y and yes they match the messages and does what I want to them.  In the Account Editor under Receiving options I check "Apply filters to new messages in INBOX". 

And nothing happens.  They still sit there, placidly filling up my inbox and requiring me to type ^A^Y  to make them go away.

Am I missing something here?  What should I do to make the filters trigger on new mail without user intervention?


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